Ollie's Healing

The night skies were set ablaze with myriad colours... Hot flames shimmered through in fierce yellow and burnt orange as hungry flames licked the ginormous trees. The acrid smell of charred wood filled the air, choking the lungs of the villagers. A blanket of thick smoke layered above. Little Pellie sat bawling in fear and agony amidst the fire that had caused a chaotic scrabble. Ollie stood outside her hutment, her blue, angelic eyes overlooking Pellie and the forest fires. The stark reflection of the fires upon the contrast shades of aquamarine irises, however, did not douse her piercing calmness or her gentle demeanour, just like the wise owl. The entire village ran hither-tither like a panic stricken lot. Ollie, however, stood in a pensive mood trying to grasp the intensity of the situation. Her hooted special call brought her entire tribe to a standstill.  She announced, "My dear tribesmen, chaos will not help. Remain calm. I’ve a plan and your support is needed to not just rescue Pellie, but also preserve our forest treasures." The entire village trusted Ollie implicitly, knowing that her wisdom and knowledge were unrivalled. They calmed down. She then started delivering her crisp, clear instructions, "I want you all to start acting as soon as I deliver my directions. Don't wait, as it would surely cause greater damage. So, dwellers to my left, clear away all possible fuel that could feed the fires further. Get moving!"  The crowd dispersed as Ollie directed further, "Dwellers on my right, fetch the water pipes, attach them to our hand pumps and start dowsing the fires." As the second lot got moving, Ollie called on to the centre crowd, "Request the ladies here to chant the 'Hymns of Undines' to invoke the water spirits to drench the lands with rain and the menfolk to chant the 'Calming Hymns of Salamanders' to quieten the rage of the fire spirits.  "Once the fires go down, rescue Pellie. Shower her with cold water. She will be safe; but don't touch her. Cloth her with our traditional, thin cotton fabric. Further, ensure that fires do not encroach deeper into the forests. I will now park myself upon the ancient juniper tree branch for the next hour to calm Nature and Pellie down through intra-conscience intervention. Things will settle soon." The tribe of the forests set into action while Ollie seated herself upon the tree branch staring at the starlit skies and peering deep into the endless abyss of the vast skies passing energies to Mother Nature and Pellie healing them physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and ethereally. Ollie shed tears of mysterious misery that formed a healing bubble enveloping Pellie and the surrounding, mystical forests; they were being liberated to safety. The ruthless night had finally calmed as the fires were quenched by the lashing droplets of rainfall. Ollie reflected upon her purpose of life; just like the wise, old owl. Her days were numbered but her trials... bountiful.   Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!