Ostentation of words

Ostentation of words

On a flight, I sat on a seat next to Mr Tharoor
Excited about a fascinating trip to Karur
I had a hundred questions about his consanguinity
But, was sceptical if he will doubt my muliebrity

He looked into my eyes with an elision
Which broke my heart with a sudden frisson
I gathered guts, asked him his stance on India’s historic agony
He sighed that Colonists still thought, it was a calumny

Further, he addressed that today’s youth lacked perspicacity
I agreed that it wasn’t in their capacity
They should unearth the righteous, he said, and bring a revolution
I assured, they will surely do the best to Floccinaucinihilipilification

  1. Consanguinity – Family relationship or affiliation
  2. Muliebrity – womanly qualities
  3. Elision – Oversight or the omission of a sound or syllable when speaking
  4. Frisson – a sudden strong feeling of excitement or fear
  5. Calumny – Slander
  6. Perspicacity – Insight
  7. Floccinaucinihilipilification – the action or habit of estimating something as worthless.
  8. Ostentation – the pretentious or showy display of wealth and luxury, designed to impress


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6 thoughts on “Ostentation of words

  1. I love how you used Mr. Tharoor and portrayed his infamous love for vocabulary by using those words. I sensed a subtle kind of light humour when you used those words. Glad to read your poem.

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