Paw Patrol and the Mystery of the Golden Pup

I was in my home watching a movie at 10 ‘o’ clock when somebody rang the doorbell. I was scared and I took my cricket bat and saw through the window. I couldn’t see who was standing in front of the door but I saw 6 pups. I opened the door it was Ryder and the Paw Patrol. The Paw patrol told me that they found a map that led to the sea. They showed me the map and we went to the sea. There we found a cave and in the cave there was one little chest in the corner and inside it there was another map. It led to the nearby reef. We borrowed Captain Turbit’s submarine. Ryder and me wore our diving suit and got down from the submarine and started searching for the map.  Ryder found a green bottle.  We opened it and there was a scroll. The map led us to the arctic. We found the cave where the map was hidden but the cave was filled with polar bears. We called Rubble to dig a tunnel to the edge of the cave where the map was kept the Ice was thick so Rubble could only dig a small hole no pup could fit in the hole expect Skye. Skye told that she was scared and then after some coaxing finally said she was ready. It was probably dark inside and finally she emerged out of the cave safe with the map in her paws.  Now this map, led to the desert canyon. we finally reached the canyon. Chase was too excited and ran and was about to fall in but I rescued Chase before he fell. He licked my face and said thank you. With a rope Rocky and me got down and there was a big X in front of us. We dug it out a found a red wooden chest. It had the next map.  The next day we went to the jungle where the map led. We found the temple where the next map was hidden.  It was filled with traps. We could see and sense the traps in the temple.  The map was lying in front of our eyes. Marshal slipped and a rock hit the wall.  Arrows surrounded from all the directions where there was a wall and a huge axe came swinging and the floor turned spiky. Ryder, gently with a fishing line, got the next map.  Once the map was taken the ceiling started to fall. Every one of us ran outside. I asked if everyone was okay they said we are fine but where was Skye. Ryder and me told the pups to and we went in search of Skye. She was in the shivering in the corner as she got hit by a rock and got a fractured leg. We took care of her and opened the final map.  The final map led to Adventure Bay’s city hall. Behind Chickaletta’s picture there was a door that led to a tunnel system. We took the third turn and there was the room that had the golden pup. The path that led to the room was filled with traps. the room on the second left had the trap control. Ryder and Rocky went the control room and turned off the traps. Finally, we reached the room it was filled with gold bones and golden dog treats and in the centre was the golden pup it was huge we moved it to the museum.  We had a huge party and finally they dropped me home I thought “what an amazing trip!”.      


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