Plea of a Tired Wanderer

An old canoe lies beneath the sunny sky, Bare, weather beaten and dilapidated, Close companion of my younger days, Dared me to places far and wide, Etching rippling muscles on my strong arms, Far off it took me to amazing places, where Gleefully, kash flowers swayed near the shore, How gracefully egrets danced merry dance , Inglorious birds of prey came swooping down, Just reflecting a shiny fish caught in the beaks, Kept singing evening chorus, these croaking frogs, Long- necked swans flitted gracefully away. Mesmerised by the opulence of the moon, Nervous waves frolicked towards the sky , Oblivious that some lovers can never meet, Perky still, never will their effort cease, Quietly, Imperceptibly eroding the shore  Ravines they created that move inlands, 

Sojourn I wanted with you, my dearest! Tantalising seascapes to watch with me, Ushering you to  where fantasy is born, Visual treats are dreams Nature weaves,  but, Will you take me back in your life , Xanas, You are! with a will of your own, Yearning for an empire of your own to rule, Zealous and ambitious like an ancient queen? 


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