Poetry in My Life

Poetry in My Life

Poetry to me is 
an enchanting elaboration
of my thoughts and opines,
my hidden emotions,
my inexpressible desires
of varied hues and kinds. 
A soul-soothing solace,
a break
from the humdrum of life
and treacherous people.
An escape to the world
full of love and peace.
Where humanity thrives
in all its glory
full of aplomb.
Limericks give me
a chance to relive
my childhood time
with it’s full of fun
theme and humour.
Haikus are my sole tryst
with natural beauty
and all its bounties.
From celestial bodies
to gushing waterfalls.
Unrequited love to the
pitiable state of society,
can be well-versed in villanelle.
The subtle touch of
Romanticism can aptly
be observed in
Shakespeare’s sonnet.
The touch of tanka
make it all the more worthwhile
Penning verses is akin
to baring my heart
and all its inhibitions.
It’s preserving my sanity,
protecting my emotions.
In short, poetry is my life.

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