Primordial Aura

This universe divine  Filled with space and timeline With planets, galaxies Matter and energy A cosmic cauldron Of primordial aura The sun rises in the east And then sets in the West  Days roll into long nights  And nights into bright days  Basking in the sunshine  Making hay while it shines If there was only sun light No night to fall back on Water bodies would dry  And barren lands remain  Life would have perished soon Leaving parched arid lands  If there were only nights  The temperatures would fall And everything would freeze Lack of warmth and light  Could kill any species And life would just about cease. If the skies did not rain Forests would not remain Ground water depleted  Rivers would have dried up  And crops could die out  Making life vanish too  Everything on this earth Has rhythm and reason Life needs a regimen  To work and to succeed  Balance of time and space Brings lot of ease in the race. ___________________ ___________________