Yeah! I am adopted! So, what’s the big deal about it? This had been my attitude since the time I came to know I was adopted. My parents had brought me up very well till then. We were a very wealthy family, and I didn’t have anything to complain about.  After my dad passed away when I was 4 years old, my world was my mom and grandad.  Along with my studies, I was taught various languages and martial arts as well. I just finished my MBA and was travelling back to Chennai for my 23rd birthday.  Upon reaching home, I found my grandad, mom, a few executives from our trust and some lawyer-like gentlemen. After exchanging pleasantries, I just stood next to my mom wondering what was going on. My grandad cleared his throat and directly addressed me. “Swetha, I know you would be wondering what this is all about. We have the trustees from our trust and our lawyers present here. As you turn 23 tomorrow, we felt it is time to handover the reins of the conglomerate to you. I am going to bequeath all my wealth to you with your mom as the guiding custodian.” “I know I know…” he continued, “you might be wondering how I can give the wealth to an adopted child, as the will from our ancestor’s clearly states that the wealth can only be given to biological children of this family. You might be wondering if I have found a way to circumvent that condition. No, I haven’t.”     “But grandpa…” I began.  He just held his hand up and said “Your mom has something to tell you…” My mom opened her mouth and said, “You are my biological daughter, you aren’t adopted, Swetha. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Normally children are shocked to know they are adopted. In my case it’ was the reverse. When people, who didn’t know I was adopted, commented that I resembled my dad, I used to laugh inside. I used to think how much people lie to please someone else. Now I was so happy I really resembled him. I stared at my mom. Really?? was the expression on my face. My mom continued “A lot of people have been eyeing the money in the trust for years. Post my time, they can be used by them only if there is no biological heir. And to get to the money, they could cause harm to your life, which is why I had to tell the world you were adopted! Now the time has come for you to take the reins and use the money wisely for the good of the people. To face the oncoming headwinds, we have equipped you with excellent education and values, along with mental and physical toughness.”    I understood the difficulty with which my mom would have made that choice. I vowed to live up to the family name. The adopted daughter comes into her own.     Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!