Rekha’s Ramble

Rekha’s Ramble

I answer to Rekha, second of four sisters
Born in the summer heat of 1962
To a Mom and Dad who believed in love 
They are no more but live within us

A daughter of Mumbai, my beloved city
Its hustle and bustle suits me just fine
Since childhood, my dream was to be a doctor
Which is exactly what I am today

I love my profession, which I believe
Rather than prayers, takes me closer to God
I deliver babies, keep women healthy
My work is tremendously soul satisfying

Mother of three, a daughter and two sons 
They are triplets, now thirty years old whom I love
A family so dear, I am blessed
My husband and sisters, my very best friends

I like to search for silver linings
And look for a rainbow to guide my path
As I grow older, I would like to leave a mark
Perhaps writing that novel is a good start


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