Reminiscing into Oblivion

Reminiscing into Oblivion

The kettle whistles and my eyes opens swiftly
Unfamiliar walls, objects and a scent
A woman holding a tray walks by briskly
She hands me cup from which threads of steam ascent

Leading me to the fragmented world that puzzles
A flash of memory, laughter, cry, or a song
Oh! I remember her name but the face dazzles
The night lamp flickers and my day goes along

Today, basking in the Sun on grass so green
My wrinkled hands in young hands with smile warmly drawn
My son I know from the pictures I have seen
But suddenly the ground shakes, and he is withdrawn

Words clear in my mind tangles on my tongue
People probe me with memories and questions
My answers are but by stuttering silences strung
So I wonder,
What bears my heart, virtues or transgressions?

Through minutes hundred conversations runs in my head
Emotions rise and fall from anger to sadness
These people I talk to, are they alive or dead
Thoughts quiver as I ask next-
Do I scatter into oblivion or madness?

Author’s Note: 

Dementia is loss of thinking, remembering and reasoning skills which is very common in old age. These people experience varied symptoms from strange perceptions like earthquakes to problems in having a normal conversation. In progressive stages they cannot discern imagination from reality. 

This poem is a depiction of their state of mind when interacting with people. 


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