Requiem For A Dream

Requiem For A Dream

A dream died the other day
A silent, unseen death
It means nothing to you
It meant everything to me
I went hurtling down
I hit rock-bottom
It still means nothing to you
It came from the depths of me
My old mama says 
Dream a new dream
For dreams are your children
Born out of the ashes
Out of the dying embers of your soul
Out of the heartcries you cry
In the dead of the night
They spring forth into being
They give you a reason 
To taste your tears and smile
To embrace the happy sun
To jump and touch the sky
To simply be, she says
They are your legacy, she says
Carrying the DNA of your very being
Carrying your world within them
So I will dream a new dream, I say
I will create and nurture it, I say
But like the dead never can return
So will this one stay, cold and gone
I will grieve the one that died
I will adorn its epitaph 
With love songs and carnations
With empty, eloquent poetry
And could it be possible?
Oh, would it even be possible?
That this horrid heartache?
That this harrowing hollow?
Could birth a new vision?
A vision larger-than-life itself?
I await the birth pangs  
It means everything to me.

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