I stand on the edge of the rooftop
And I jump.

Time slows,
I’m hung in a limbo.
The wind whizzes past,
crooning symphonies of a life 
which once was.
Sepia memories slither around,
Cradling me.
Strangling me.
Silvery shards of broken dreams,
Gnaw at my skin.
Gnash at my bones.

I hit the sooty asphalt.
My skull splits open.

Ruby-red rivulet trickles out,
wailing with pain.
Resent ‘n rejection apparently 
rescinded their reign.
The slaty sorrow,
spews me out
from the seat of its stomach, 
the smithereens still stuck
in the seam of my spine.

Purple- plum scars of yore
Pullulate, pall, proliferate 
puncture my skin,
The cerulean sky around,
melts in the blues within.

Bronze brambles burgeon
stifle, squelch, sedate 
my heart
the pain, the misery
the past plea…

a pearly iridescent peace surrounds me,
Letting me be.
Finally. Free.

I’ve been dead a long time…
Death has salvaged me.


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