Finally, SHE arrives. After several rounds of arguments, debates, and discussions, the Sen family takes HER home. Despite a strict ‘no’ from friends and families the Sen’s have been resolute. “Now we’ll not only earn money but also get rid of all our troubles.” “Yes, and everyone will patch up with us.” “It’s a matter of a few days. Just wait and watch.” The Sen’s have become fiercely optimistic and devout. *** As the Sen’s come down from their car Band-Baja follows. The passage from the main door to their mansion’s door is being covered by a red carpet. Rosewater is being sprinkled on the Sen Korta* as he holds HER hand and steps in. “Someone’s marriage or what?” The quizzical neighbours peep. The entire scene appears like Durgaa Maa’s agomoni*. Like Durga’s homecoming here, too, there is a celebration of joviality and hope. However, the kvetching group of men and women, who have long been a part of the Sen family, get livid. “How dare they commit such an immoral act?” “Yes. Without consulting us and taking our approval how could they chaperon a novice?” “Should we punish them, right now?” “No! They’ll fall in their own trap.” *** With great affection, SHE is shown HER room while the experienced lot is eagerly waiting to meet HER. “Hmmm… A newbie! What can you do when we are not being productive?” Looking all around, SHE exclaims nonchalantly, “Ask them. I haven’t instructed them to bring ME here.” “This man has lost his senses. Instead of appeasing US, how can he even ruminate over getting HER?” But SHE is well-pleased with all the attention and fervour she is receiving. “You, people, are jealous. Admit, you’re incompetent. That is why I’m here.” “Don’t be toffee-nosed. Remember it’s a sin. And…” “O, shut up! You and your schmaltzy chinwagging have become so outrageously backdated. Don’t they ever object?”  “How could they? They fear of their blackmailing tactics.” The little one, Gopal, chirps in. He has been waiting to befriend HER but these grumpy folks are ever dissatisfied. He goes near her hoping to know HER. “NO! Don’t go near HER. SHE is dangerous.” Gopal carefully observes her, from top to bottom but he doesn’t find anything out-of-place. “Emulous people… Huh!” And, the name knowing ceremony gets indefinitely deferred. “I’ll know HER name, once these fellas fall asleep.” But, the mature people, well-abreast of Gopal’s pranks, remain on the guard. Poor Gopal! He flunks to fulfill his desire. …. The next day the Sen’s arrange a grand Puja in their house. Many people assemble. SHE is the chief guest. Hence, SHE is decked in an exquisite saree with gold jewellery and garlands of fresh flowers. The devotees pay her many offerings. SHE winks at HER rivals. “Jai Corona Devi!” The cheering of CORONA Devi leaves the Gods and Goddesses of the home temple devastated. “Is this a joke or what?” “No! This is called tit for tat.” Mischievous Gopal smirks, running after Ganesha’s mouse. Note:
  • Korta: head of the family
  • Agomoni: homecoming

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