Silent Fight

Silent Fight

Addled she was, cladding spears in 
Bosom, with fear and perturbation
Conglomerating around her heart, smothering
Dulcet medley of lilting life. 

Empathy froze in eyes of ignorance
For taboos imbued the nous in greys
Gainsaying reality to best she could, yet
Hideous it became with each passing day 

In dull moments of despise and disdain
Jouncing she was betwixt life and death,  
Knop nugatory maligned her fate  
Lone she felt in the battles ahead 

“My dear girl you are not the first
Nor you’ll be the last, many are treading
On this path, redefining paradigms of
Pulchritude, Grace and Womanhood 

Quash the qualms and face the world 
Refute the myths, resolve to heal, and reclaim life
So what if you’re playing against 
The odds, aren’t we all doing the same

Uncertainty is virtue of life 
Verily, every story has pain in rife, yet 
We all wade through these quagmires in 
Xebecs of care, hauled by Zephyrs of love 

Your fight my love is tougher than ours 
Zap it, for femininity spells strength for all


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