Spirit of the Game

Spirit of the Game

A ball and a bat
A sport, never restricted to the boundaries of the field
With every hit and miss
Innumerable emotions surge and flutter like a roller coaster 
Amid the tears and cheers
A unique inseparable bond burgeons and gels

~Isn’t this the spirit of the game?~

Deluge of views and opinions 
We transmute into critics and complimenters
Sometimes cribbing, at times applauding 
We drift along with the tides of the sport
Icons we adore and glorify
Etching their struggles into inspirations

~A wonderful odyssey of passion~

Age, no bar for the enthusiasm
Caste or creed not in any way an impediment
Patriotic hymns we croon
To honour the laurels and triumphs
Together we stand as a team
To support the clan and country.
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