Tenacity Versus Training

“It’s been fifteen years and you still can’t cook well. I can’t eat this sabzi, it’s terrible,” jeered Amit at his wife. Little Jiva, who was eating till now, aped his dad and slid the plate aside, “Oh yes! It’s horrible. I can’t have it too.” He knew this meant a better treat. “Keep this sabzi roti for the maids, only they can eat this,” he added. Though Shyamali was a graduate but she was a daughter of a widow. She had been taught to be a docile, silent and good house wife by her mother. To her, this was usual and so without much despair, she enjoyed the pizza treat with them. Whenever there was a problem in the house, Amit knew how to blame his wife, “You haven’t learnt anything from your mother.” Even with such harsh words, Shyamali had learnt to remain silent, after all as a female she had been taught to absorb. But even with such behavior, she never realized that she should teach Jiva how to respect females. To her, this was part of life. He grew up mocking and teasing girls. On the very first day of his college, he met Amaira and fell in love at first sight. They soon became friends. Within a few days, Amaira was the winner of ‘Miss Fresher’ contest while he lost the title of the male counterpart. Yet, he dared and proposed her. “How dare you?” she jibed sarcastically. This was the first time Jiva was insulted and looked nonplussed. At home, as he narrated his heart-breaking story with welling eyes, Shyamali felt sorry for his son and consoled. While his father had a life-long lesson for him, “Son, beautiful girls are pig-headed; never vouch for them. If you are really looking for a girl, find an ordinary one, like I did. I bet! They will die for you; just like your mother does.” “Oh Papa! Amaira is the only girl I love and I will marry her. That’s it!” Jiva replied in a frenzy and left. Time flew but Jiva never took his eyes off her. He watched her steps, her jobs and break ups, like a hawk. Destiny finally gave them a chance to befriend when she joined Jiva’s company. Slowly they became friends and love blossomed. Jiva was on cloud nine when Amaira agreed to be his better half. As they started their new life after honeymoon, Jiva expected Amaira to be at home whereas Amaira wanted to work. After a lot of discussion Amit agreed to let his daughter-in-law work but their hopes were still high. Amaira was a tenacious girl and tried to handle as much as possible. But old habits die hard; they could not praise her for all the hard work she was putting in. They rather ridiculed and one day when she could not take anymore, she blasted and left. Amaira was mentally strong and possessed the grit to create a happy and peaceful life for herself.


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