The Abandoned

Ramilyn posted under PenMuse-11 Poetry on 2019-09-22

She wonders weak and weary Full of suffering and pain; None bother to hear or heed Her wounded soul weeping; Tears of hopelessness pour Like summer rain down her face On ears deaf and eyes blind. A world of darkness surrounds her. It is not in her forlorn fate to see- How the sweltering sun glows Above the hills and the mountains And how the slanting rays sparkle Above the oceans and the seas Or how a big burning ball Fills the dusky expanse of the sky With shades of orange and pink Before fading beyond the horizon. Even the light of the stars And the shifting shape of the moon That the whole world admires Are shrouded from her aching eyes And remain dark and invisible. How much she pines - For the cool breeze on her face And the green grasses dancing; For the taste of clear spring waters Flowing deep in the forest To quench her heart’s desire! She yearns To spread her wings wide High up in the sky Among her kind. But it is just a dream. For as long as they Desire her flesh She is captive, And her existence Is just a number As she wilts in a cage. But how long can she wait before she breaks?