The Blindfolded Game

With that acerbic twitch on your lips, you let yourself be blindfolded and ushered into the room that is going to be your abode for the next twenty-four hours. The condition is; the blindfold will be intact with a lock system. You have to find your way through the room for all your needs. A bell would ring to indicate that food has been dropped on a table that you should locate. All your moves, except those behind the washroom door, would be captured in a camera, and later relayed on a show as the first episode that would set a precedent for many youngsters like you to accept such challenges.  Everything sounded so simple in return for 10L prize money for a twenty- five-years old charlatan,  that you gave no second thoughts when a close friend proposed this game.  You bask under the thought of spending the entire amount on wine, women, and drugs. Breakfast is announced at 8 am, a few minutes after you heard the door behind you close. You follow the aroma of the tea to locate the table, cautiously moving your hands on the wall. You tumble twice on objects lying on the way.  Muttering curses you run your hands over the food. It is puffed rice. You find your way to your mouth and then the challenging task comes as you try to pour the tea into the cup. Piping hot tea overflows the cup and spills on your pants making you shriek in agony. You shake your head not letting the disaster wane your enthusiasm. If you would give up before 24 hours you stand disqualified for the prize. Looks like eons have passed but no sign of lunch. You wonder whether it is still not 1 am?  How time would fly when you would get up by 10 am and fool around with scoundrels like you. You find yourself in a tight spot now,  not able to use your phone incessantly, chatting with your good-for-nothing friends. Finally, the bell rings, and the smell of biryani descends from the air. You grope your way cursing the blindfold and manage to eat.  Time crawls at a snail's pace. Tea is served and you heave a sigh of agony realizing you still have sixteen long hours to live in darkness. A weird fear grips you as evening advances. Subconsciously you start blaming yourself for having taken this challenge. Suddenly you feel a judder. You are pushed here and there everywhere in the room. This wasn't a part of the game; you moan but to no avail. When you can't take it anymore you beg looking in all directions to unlock the blindfold. You do not know where the cameras are. You scream begging pardon again and again, as a deja-vu strikes. At that moment someone comes to release you, but you fall into a swoon. Epilogue "Do you think he must have learned his lesson?" "I am sure sir. At your behest, I lured him into playing this game, and made a perfect set up. I am glad he fell into the trap. He has to repent for his barbaric act of having made a visually handicapped girl the victim of his lust pushing her into all corners of the hotel room that was completely unknown to her dark world. He has to seek your daughter 's pardon, and undergo severe punishment for his nefarious act." Just then they hear a desperate knock at the door.   Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!