The Deal

In the early hours of a foggy winter day, a van raced away from the civilization on an empty highway. There was nothing unusual about the two occupants seated in it.

"Time to claim profits," said Sunny. Tony didn't reply.

"You have changed a lot, my friend. Who knew it would take so long for the court ruling? But they had to acquit you. After all, there was no evidence against you. Everything worked out well," Sunny said cheerfully. “That day I returned to the haveli, to find them interrogating the staff. Nawab sahab had reported the matter promptly. But I handled the situation.”

Toni was quiet.

None of them had anticipated the court ruling would take so long. However, there was no doubt that without evidence the judge would dismiss the case.

The van turned onto a muddy track in the middle of dense woods. Realizing they were near their destination, Sunny unhooked his seatbelt.

He said, “Today our fortune takes a U-turn. I can't wait to hand over my resignation, though I'll wait a week or so to avoid any suspicion connecting it to your acquittal.”

The van stopped in front of a crumbling cabin. They got out. Sunny followed Toni behind the cabin, where Toni found a leather briefcase carefully hidden in one of the dry water drums. He unlocked it and revealed the contents to Sunny. 

Sunny let out a long whistle of admiration. His pupils widened. He blurted out, “Let’s divide it as we had agreed quickly and then each to his good fortune.” Toni drew the briefcase back out of Sunny’s reach and said, “I have been thinking about it. When I had agreed to an equal share, I didn’t know what awaited me in police custody. Neither did you.”

Sunny smirked. “Of course, my friend, you have suffered a lot. Would five lakhs over your share be good?”

Toni said, “The success of the plan depended entirely on my persistence. I should get fifty-five per cent.”

Sunny said, “Nonsense! Come on Toni be reasonable. It's almost over. Let's end it honourably. I know you have been through a lot. But if I hadn’t played my part and influenced the staff statements, you couldn't have got away.”

Tony looked away.

“Okay then. Let’s refresh your memory. It was my idea, my plan, you were a neurotic wreck throughout. Your only quality … you were the son of Nawab’s trusted munshi made me pick you. Now I want to get this business over, so stop bickering and get done with it. If it hadn't been for me, you would still be holding Nawab sahab's spittoon.” 

Toni stood still with a determined expression. 

 “If that seems insufficient, I know better ways to compensate too.” Sunny pulled out a pistol. 

Toni froze.

Things happened swiftly. A bullet was fired. A police team arrived on the scene and arrested Sunny.

Toni was relieved it was over finally. He was an unwilling accomplice from the beginning. When he was told Sunny was arrested for fraud and murder before but had walked away due to lack of evidence, Toni agreed to help get evidence.


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