The Fairy with a Missing Wing

Leena Auckel posted under Flash Fiction QuinTale-47 on 2022-12-22

Gloriel flapped her dainty wings and whizzed over the swaying stretch of tulips. With Christmas round the corner, fairies of Fairydome had an important task- to collect nectar from Venus fly traps to make pixie dust for the reindeers of Santa Claus.  Gloriel deftly entered the fly traps and came out jugs of nectar. “Slow down Gloriel! We should work in pairs, the flytraps are risky.” Shouted Axel the head of the fairy team. “Yoohooo....oh what fun is it play this game...entering the jaws of death and whisking away just in time!” she replied. “Watch out! That was a close shave!” But Gloriel was unstoppable. In her frenzy, She entered a half closed Venus fly trap. The leaves immediately apposed themselves around their 'prey'.  When Gloriel glanced up, the prickly edges of the leaves were already hinging upon her. She dashed for an exit! *** 24th December- Gatsby Orphanage “So we will be decorating the same old Christmas tree this year?”asked Ted. “See some branches are coming off.” “Well its nothing I can’t fix!” Mrs. Taylor, the children’s matron came back with a few palm leaves which she placed between the branches, soon the empty spaces were filled up. She made beautiful bows with the scraps of red cloths to decorate the tree. “Some colourful tulips will enliven the tree!  Ted and Mary, Run to the tulip garden and bring me some.” *** The team of fairies gathered around a trapped Gloriel. Mathilde, the fairy godmother tried to pull her out but to no avail. Her trapped wing broke out and she fell with a thud on the ground. “Oh dear! What to do now. If she can't fly she will die of frostbite.” said Ariel “It's Christmas time and all the powerful wizards have gone to faraway lands to glean wishes of children and relay them to Santa Claus.  I can’t do much!” “Does this mean we are going to lose her?” “The most I can do is turn her to stone so she doesn't die. She will regain her fairy form only by a heart of gold.” She waved her wand and chanted, “Aris Rochum! *** Ted and Mary were joyfully plucking the tulips, when Mary exclaimed “Hey something is sparkling on the ground!” “It looks like a fairy ornament.” “Oh she will look so beautiful on our tree.” “Yes but she has a broken wing!” “Let’s bring it to matron, there is nothing she can’t fix.” They rushed back with their bunch of tulips and placed the ornament on matron’s lap. “Well well let’s see…I have some leftover organza. She cut a tiny bit of the fabric, sewed it and glued it to the figurine.” The next day, the children were so busy opening their surprise gifts that they didn’t notice the fairy ornament missing from the tree. Mrs. Taylor smiled; for once her quick fix had yielded something magical. Gloriel flapped her dainty wings and whizzed over the swaying stretch of tulips.   Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!