The Freaky Mirror 

The Freaky Mirror 

Rusted folklore snickers softly 
Edged delicately the carvings shimmer, 
Standing tall in a spooky abandoned castle,
My reflection smiles wickedly. 

Wickedly the outcries unfold, 
I hoot a horrifying curled outcry, 
As you enter my locked-up banned territory,
Begins my haunted tale untold. 

Untold but waiting to uproar, 
I gulp down your placid naked image, 
When you stare at my bruised, marred, and tarnished body,
Your blood and flesh I gaily pour. 

Pour out some anecdotes haunted
Plagued, possessed, and tormented I prevail,
An old fragile mirror I am cursed since ages,
I leave your reflection rusted.


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