The Funambulist

The Funambulist

Audience applauds as he climbs blindfolded on wire
Born to skywalk on a tightrope, daredevil moves
Carrying an extra-long balancing pole
Dangling on dizzying heights, he concentrates 
Easing tension, gaining confidence, smiles inwards
Funambulist looks forward to his goal
Gradually shifting centre of gravity
Holding his breath, he steadies his gait, balances weight
Inching ahead, he bends his knees to lower hips
Jubilant world watches with bated breath, he sways
King of the high wire walks majestically
Lives perilously, following ancestor’s steps
Maintaining balance riding cycle on high-wire
Nik Wallenda is on tightrope to break records
Over the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls
Pacing perfectly on turning Ferris Wheel, the 
Quest to conquer claimed tall towers, mighty platforms
Rising star teamed to form pyramids on high-wire
Sensational stunts, sans safety kits on steel wires  
The seventh-generation Funambulist
Undaunted by death emulates grandfather’s feat
Volcano Nicaragua, Nik’s longest walk
Wallenda creates History, he defines the
X-factor of the Acrobatic family 
Yes, said Eren, Nik proposed on one knee on wire 
Zen is the feeling he describes after each coup.
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