The Handbook of Life Skills

Kajal Kapur posted under Book Review on 2023-06-09

The Handbook of Life Skills by Neerja Bhatnagar is a self-help book that delves into the essential life skills required for survival and living a fulfilling life.  I approached this book expecting it to be a generic self-help guide filled with advice and techniques. However, as I progressed through the chapters, I quickly realised that it offered something unique- segregated, bit-sized intellect on how to manage one's life. While many of us are familiar with various skills necessary for day-to-day living, this book categorises them as life skills encompassing communication, empathy, time management, critical thinking, problem-solving, and more. The author skilfully explores 20 key life skills essential for leading a happy and healthy life. What stood out to me was the author's effective use of representative examples in each chapter. Writing a self-help book is an art, and few possess the ability to deliver it with creativity. I can confidently say that this book is a wise choice for anyone seeking to begin understanding the importance of practicing different life skills to achieve success in all aspects of life—be it personal, professional, social, mental, or emotional. One common advantage I noticed throughout the book is that pursuing these life skills has the power to build a solid foundation for personal growth and development. By embracing these skills, individuals can enhance their abilities, navigate challenges, and lead a more purposeful life. Another notable aspect of this book is how the author shares actionable steps to develop specific life skills and highlights their advantages in our daily lives. I found it helpful to jot down my takeaways from the book and follow the provided instructions to actively practice these skills and reap their benefits. The author's eloquent descriptions of essential skills such as critical reasoning, empathy, emotional intelligence, innovation, self-care, and personal branding serve as gentle reminders of their significance in our daily routines, which we often overlook. This book acts as a valuable guide, equipping us with the necessary life skills to combat challenges, manage stress, and cultivate resilience. If readers seek to explore and practice basic life skills regularly, this book is definitely worth a read. It offers valuable insights and practical steps towards personal growth and building a strong and well-rounded personality. ~*~ Get your copy here: