The Harbinger Cafe  

"May I make a beginning from the scratch once again Naina?" Leela's question made her daughter Naina proud of her mother's decision. She was genuinely, enthusiastically and eagerly waiting to see her Ma make a new beginning burying all the agonies of the past. Naina looked at the moist eyes of her mother. Then going closer to her she held Leela's hands tightly. Her moist eyes were filled with many words. Her lips trembled as Leela tried to speak. "I know Papa has expired a couple of years ago but he was too orthodox in his ways. He could not accept me as I am a girl. He tortured both you and me for years. For years I felt that you will stand up to voice your opinion. I wanted you to leave him forever. Yet you showed enough patience. You could never raise your voice in his presence. He used to abuse you enough for not trying to step out beyond your comfort zone. Whatever little you tried to learn or tried to make, he was the first person to step out or find fault. He would abuse you, hit you and mock you publically.  He tried to bury my aspirations too. Papa could never believe that being a girl, I could ever be a pilot .' It's something that can be done only by boys'.  This is what he believed firmly. It was you and only you who had faith in my dreams. So now that he is no longer there, I have  complete faith that you have a chance to make a new beginning. Please make a new beginning Ma. I am and will always support your decision." Naina's words gave Leela a lot of strength. She spoke gradually "I met Tushar, a widower at The Harbinger Cafe, two months ago when I visited Nainital with my childhood friend. He started this cafe to employ those who have lost positivity. I went on speaking about myself with a feeling that this was the kind of man, I wanted to be my life partner. I visited the Cafe to speak to him regularly.  That was when we both decided to make a new beginning.  I wanted to share this with you for a while but was afraid as to how you would react to this. I knew you were undergoing a crucial training ,so I was waiting for you to complete the training. Now that you are here, I felt that this is the right time to share my thoughts. I will be handling the staff of the cafe after I complete a training on Mind management and Positivity too." On a pleasant Sunday morning Leela and Naina headed towards Nainital. Tushar's warm nature full of positivity made Naina declare.  "You may paint the sky with a new hue.Three cheers to your new journey at Harbinger Cafe Ma and Tushar." They raised a toast together to celebrate the moment.


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