The Impending Journey

“May I please embark upon the much desirous trip to Holy Mount Kailash?", pleaded Radhika for the nth time from her bed. Her husband Mohan just calmed her, "Radhika, don't worry. You will soon be able to join the group of enthusiastic trekkers on your trip to Kailash." Time was running out for the bookings for the trip to The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra and Radhika was still bedridden since six months showing little, but steady improvement. Her will power and determination could not be challenged. The doctors had given up their hopes and a couple of popular orthopaedic surgeons had insisted on surgery stating, "Without a surgery, she will be bedridden for life!".  That had not shattered Radhika's dreams though. They had become much stronger. The only person to believe her was Radhika herself. The entire family had given up on hopes and dreams of Radhika ever being normal again.  Radhika was a patient of a severe spine condition; Grade I Spondylolisthesis of L5-S1. Her caesarean delivery had further worsened her condition and increased her lower back pain.  With just six more months left for embarking upon this arduous trek, Radhika finally decided that she had wasted enough time. She consulted her friend, Riya, a yoga practitioner and explained about her medical conditions. She also mentioned about her dream for embarking upon her first ever solo travel journey of her life; to The Holy Mount Kailash. Riya knew Radhika since childhood and was confident about her determination to achieve the impossible. It was ingrained in her blood.  Radhika started vigorous training and back strengthening exercises like Bhujangasan, Shalabhasan, Phalakasan, Marjarasan, Sethubandhasan etc. along with Pranayam and cardio. She started walking and gathering more confidence. The zeal and enthusiasm that Radhika displayed was remarkable and unmatched.  Radhika was a homemaker but she had been saving for this dream trip. Her husband Mohan was willing to sponsor her trip but Radhika wouldn't let Mohan spend a single penny.  She kept inquiring about the details of the trek and after a couple of months of laborious efforts on training, Radhika made the advance down payment for the trek. But, this was just the first step towards the final goal.  On 28th May, 2012, the alarm clock struck 3am. Radhika was already super-excited. She instantly got off her bed, bathed and readied herself to leave for the airport. Her impending dream was about to be realised. Radhika felt a sense of deep tranquillity amidst the crowd as she finally embarked the flight to Kathmandu and sat on the emergency exit. Her dreams to reach the summit had finally realised as the flight took off that morning against the azure skies.  Radhika's hairs were standing on ends with a blissful serenity when she first laid eyes upon the Divine Lake Mansarovar and witnessed the full moon with shooting meteorites and stars that sparkled brilliantly like a diamond dust against the widespread canvas of the night skies... Her dream of vision to reality had finally realised! Glossary: Spondylolisthesis of L5-S1-A Spinal disorder {of the Lumbar 5th Vertebra (L5) over Sacral 1st Vertebra(S1)} where the bone (vertebra) slips forward onto the bone below it. Bhujangasan- The Cobra Pose in Yoga (back strengthening pose) Shalabhasan- The Locust Pose in Yoga  (back strengthening pose) Phalakasan- The Plank Pose in Yoga  (core and arm strengthening pose) Marjarasan- The Cat Pose in Yoga  (back strengthening pose) Sethubandhasan- The Bridge Pose in Yoga  (back strengthening pose) Pranayam- The Breathing Exercises and Techniques in Yoga helpful in improving stamina and withstanding high altitude conditions P.S: The above story is inspired by true events of my life and serves as a perfect example on why to never stop chasing your dreams.   Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!