The Last Resort  

*Knock Knock* "Uncle Tim, it's 17th March already." 15-year-old Poppy whispered timidly. "And?" A rasping voice emanated from the other end of the door. "You pr-pr-promised to send me back home, if I obeyed all your commands for a month!" Poppy's voice started faltering. "Were you obedient, Poppy?" Tim smirked and pulled Poppy inside his room, slamming the door shut. A chill ran down Poppy's spine. She was scared to the bones and shaken. "Uncle, not a…gain!" Poppy shuddered in fear. Tim hurled Poppy to the floor and ripped her tunic, unveiling purple bruises and tooth marks etched all over her skin. Groping her left breast and sucking the right, Tim savored her with greatest pleasure.  "Get away from me!" Poppy vehemently tussled like a helpless bird trying to escape the clutches of a sexual predator.  "Shhh...Nobody can hear you, Poppy!" Tim whispered, nibbling her ear.  "Uncle, you promised to let me go! You liar!" Poppy shrieked. Her desperate pleas and resistance triggered an irresistible concupiscent impulse in Tim, and he shoved his lecherous weapon deep inside her. Poppy passed out from pain and exhaustion. Poor Poppy had been enduring this trauma ever since her parents left her in Uncle Tim's care. The lascivious debauchee kept fulfilling his lewd desires on the pretext of lies and false promises. Poppy was stripped of her dignity and left with nothing but a despicable stench of rotten trust. Nights were sinister and Uncle eldritch behemoth, kept giving her goosebumps and harrowing nightmares. She endured this humiliation and belligerent thrusts owing to that one promise of going back home. But alas! Poppy was trapped in a vicious circle of lies. This bloody show and Uncle Tim’s blatant lies must come to an end!  A strong sense of defiance engulfed her in its cocoon. ***A week later*** *Knock Knock* Tim opened the door and was flabbergasted seeing Poppy standing outside, wrapped in a bath towel. There was something eerie about the glow in her eyes and that beguiling smile. "My! My! Look who has walked straight into the lion's den tonight!" Tim's animalistic instincts overpowered his sanity and he started drooling seeing Poppy's seminude body. Without uttering a word, Poppy walked into the room and flumped into Tim's bed. Staring at Tim, she stretched out her hands, spreading her legs. "You seem overly obedient today, Poppy!" Tim walked towards Poppy, unzipping his pants, donning a lickerish grin. "Uncle Tim, do you know what Oprah said in her show last night?" Poppy whispered into Tim's ears, caressing him fondly. "Ummmmm..." Tim was immersed in kneading her breasts. "Wanna punish a habitual liar? Arouse his desire... Then, light his pyre" Before Tim could react, Poppy pulled out the knife, she had hidden under her bath towel and slashed Tim's genitals. "Ahhhhhh...You bitc....."  "Shhhh...Nobody can hear you, Uncle Tim. Rot in hell!"  The room reverberated with frantic shrieks which swelled to a crescendo and then eventually dissipated into the stillness of the night with a diminuendo.   Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!