The Lion King

Saumaya Gupta posted under Flash Fiction QuinTale-49 on 2023-02-08

There lives a lion, one day in the streets of Kabul, the next in that of Nepal. From Egypt to Siberia, he has seen everything, from love to hate, he has felt everything. But today, for the first time he doesn’t know where he is, for the first time ever he feels scared, terrified rather. He is in a dark room, no source of light, no windows, no noises except for that of blood tripping on the floor; only he cannot decipher which wound it is, maybe it’s the one on his leg, or maybe the gash on his left arm, or maybe the cut on his shoulder opened, or the ropes which keep him suspended in the air have started to tear at his wrists. All he can comprehend at the moment is ‘I need to gather myself and get out of here; I am frigging Simba for God’s sake.’ Simba on hearing faint footsteps acts as if he has passed out and waits for the door to open and counts the number of voices.  ‘okay… so two people, yeah, I can handle them’ “Jack, look at him, doesn’t have a single kick; pathetic” says one of them, pushing up a table near Simba so that he could eat whatever slimy excuse of food they had brought. “I can’t believe he is the one we were supposed to be scared of” laughs Jack, while flicking Simba’s leg.  Suddenly, at the speed of lightening Simba pushes the wooden table at the other one such that his body falls limp and wraps his legs around Jack’s throat, such that he is in a chokehold.  Within seconds, jack has passed out, so Simba lets his body fall to the ground after getting hold of a knife from his vest. Simba folds his legs such that his fingers grasp at the dagger which was sitting in between his feet. Swiftly he cuts at the bonds, and lands on all fours. Smiling lightly, he goes to Jack’s companion, and pulls him up by his collar. “Firstly, you should be scared of me. Secondly, I do have a kick in me” whispers Simba, before kicking mercilessly in his throat. Removing the machine gun and satellite phone from his body, he heads out and smiles contently at the feel of sunlight on his body.  Simba calls at the Indian headquarters, “This is agent Simba, mission accomplished”  “Well done agent, thank you for the location, you really are as brave as a lion.”  He hangs up and laughs before shooting each and every man stationed outside his cell.   Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!