The Magical Trip

It all started on one hot July morning, a day I had been waiting for. It was Monday. You may ask why I was excited. It was because I was going to Disney land. But little did I know that this trip was going to change my life. After the 4 hours of the airplane ride, I finally got to stretch my legs and take a nap. But that was probably the shortest nap I ever took. After freshening up I stepped into the magical theme park. It felt like a whole new world. Immediately I bought a map and examined it. I can’t even describe how happy I was to see a lot of frozen rides in the corner. When I was about to enter a ride I saw a gigantic statue of Elsa and Anna. I was mesmerized by it. I was just staring at it until it was my turn to go on the ride (And it was a pretty long queue…). After I got off the ride I saw something strange on the statue. There was a mysterious button that said ‘press me’. I was about to press it but then a little angel popped on my shoulder (It was an imaginary one of course). It told me not to press it and something bad could happen if I did. When I decided not to press it, the little devil popped on my shoulder (it was imaginary too) and told me to press it. Maybe you’ll get unlimited candy and cake for the rest of your life! - It said. Being tempted, I pressed it. Then a portal appeared in front of me. My curiosity told me to go inside it, so I went in. I was still thinking about whether I made a good decision, but that was probably the best decision I ever made (you’ll know why soon). When I got to the end of the portal I was astonished to see that I was in the kingdom of Arendelle (it was where Elsa and Anna lived). Since I had watched the movie 500 times I easily found out how to get to the castle. I was shocked to see that the castle that was fun and joyful in the movie was now dull and gloomy. I started looking around the castle for Elsa and Anna. When I entered the library I saw Elsa and Anna sitting on a table reading “100 places snowmen love” and they looked worried. When they saw me they looked confused, I guess they had never seen anybody wearing jeans before. After the awkward moment, I introduced myself and told them the story of how I got there. They were surprised when I asked them why they were so worried they told me that Olaf was missing. I volunteered to help to find him. They said that I could if I wanted to. So we started our journey. The first place we checked was the beach since Olaf loved summer. Since Elsa felt that the beach was too hot she stayed back at the castle. Anna and I searched the whole beach but we couldn’t find Olaf. Exhausted, we went back to the castle for a break, and drank some lemonade. Elsa then joined the search too. Next, we asked everyone in the kingdom if they had seen Olaf. Nobody saw him but a little kid suggested we go look for him at the ice skating rink. So we went to the ice skating ring. There were a lot of people except for Olaf. Next, we checked the carrot stand (Olaf always loved getting a new nose), but he was not there either. So we decided to see if he was there at the place Anna first met him, but we had to climb the snowy mountain, so I and Anna grabbed coats and boots, Elsa didn’t need any. When we finally reached that place he was not there! We had lost hope, so we decided to take a break at Elsa’s ice palace. When we entered we were shocked to see that Olaf and Marshmallow (a snow monster Elsa created) were having an ice cream party! Since we found Olaf, I decided to head back home. When I was about to take the portal back home, Elsa and Anna gave me a magic button and said that if I pressed it I could come to Arendelle whenever I want.  


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