The Naani Diaries

Umayal Subramaniam posted under Book Review on 2023-07-25

The Naani Diaries is a romantic book that sketches the story of Radhika who works in the US in a fortune 500 company. She is smart, ambitious, beautiful but she sucks in the relationship department. At the beginning of the story she is dumped by Sid, her boyfriend and she is down in the dumps until she finds her Naani’s diary.  The love story of Naani has her dreaming for everything from a perfect boyfriend to a big fat Indian wedding. When an opportunity arises from the job front to work in India, in Mumbai for a period of 6 months she takes up the offer with a giddy happiness and moves in with her Naani. Her Naani’s diary is a constant hope in her desolated life and she tells her Naani that she is okay with an arranged marriage. The friendship her Naani shares with “Birdy”, the beauty saloon Naani runs called Grace , Birdy’s nephew Zain Rajan – everything is embalming to Radhika’s soul. She faces challenges at the work place being a woman boss and she empowers other women in the company to move up the ladder. Her grandma cooks for her, has chit chats with her and understands her like non one does. She loves her time with her Naani and also with Birdy and Zain. She develops a strong friendship with Zain as her suitors come and go. Finally the suitors are narrowed down to three and finally to Kabir. Radhika wants an arranged marriage but then there is her banter with Zain over emails and kabir’s past haunting her. Kabir’s sister becomes her BFF and Radhika hates her to be mother in law. On the work front, Radhika resigns her job. While everyone from the grooms side are happy that she has given up her job for good,  she connives with Zain for establishing her own business.  The story is lovely, thrilling with the right amount of romance, friendship and love. In the end someone gets their dream wedding and everyone is happy. The book is full of friendly banters, witty exchanges in mail and messages and a big heart of a beautiful grandmother.  ~*~ Get your copy here: