The Nutty Ballet

Hopping 'neath the canopy, agile and free, A squirrel weaves tales on the old oak with glee. Rustling dance of leaves, a delicate ballet, A tufted acrobat, in a woodland display. Through emerald branches, a nimble sprite, Collects nature's treasures, in the soft sunlight. ~ Gathering nuts, her diligent chore. With sparkling glow, acorns gleam like gold, A nutty feast for the winter, a story is told. Chattering to kin with a bushy tail's flair, Whispers in the crispy cool autumn air. Then raindrops descend, a cascading rebuff, No shelter in boughs, her journey gets tough. ~ A soggy cold world, devoid of delight. No pantry of nuts, no respite in pain, In those wet hours, she conquers the rain. Tiny paws navigate the tree's damp bark, The struggle for sustenance, a journey stark. Her world a mosaic of nature's own art, A race for survival, a tale of the heart. Author's Note: Courage orchestrates "The Nutty Ballet," where a squirrel's dance through rain-soaked tribulations paints a resilient mosaic. This woodland lyrical is a testament to life's indomitable pulse and echoes in every heartbeat. Connect with Penmancy Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!