The Pandemic

The Pandemic

Long silent roads
Pindrop silence in residential areas 
The admiring sunrise in addition sunset too
The melodious sound of  leaves on a tree
The pet animals dog, cat, squirrel, monkey 
All are alert
What has happened?
Why there is no sign of human beings?

On the other hand 
Human being is continuously surviving in fear
“Corona”,the Pandemic situation

After a fortnight man has learned to be civilised 
To live with non-violence
To be patient, adjustive cooperative with family members

Though its a crisis all over the world
We can’t defeat nature
But it definitely has taught
How to behave with mother earth for our best survival 

Evaluate yourself, analyse yourself
About good and bad,
Talents and Calibre
Strengths and weakness
The most important is dependence 
How much you are dependent on others or places or things 

Life can be utmost beautiful  with
Healthy body, sound mind, loveable heart
Loyal soul
A family with
Scented relations
Food, shelter and clothes

Extreme of everything leads to destruction 
Running behind money, success,
Involving in unnatural competitiveness 
Wasting energy in rude emotions
like arrogance, jealousy, insecurity, possessiveness 
Are all of  no use
Happiness resides in you only
You have to search it
No one is going to serve you
Learn some lesson and values
from this Pandemic crisis.

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