The Puffed Rice Monster

The Puffed Rice Monster

Once there lived a couple with their two children. While they worked in fields their 10-year-old daughter Mala, took care of her baby brother Raju and the house. Though young Mala was wise and quick-witted.

One morning when their parents were out little Raju started crying.

“Stop crying. See this,” said Mala waving a rattle

“Aw.. waa”, cried Raju.

Mala said, “Don’t worry. Ma will be back soon.”

But little Raju didn’t stop. 

Now, Mala picked him from the cradle and started pacing.

Soon she heard footsteps above. The roof wasn’t strong and whoever was on it would stumble soon.

Pointing to the window she said, “Don’t cry. See the fox is here.”

Raju still kept crying.

Now, outside under the window stood a Tiger who came in search of food stood listening.

“Fox. No. I’m a Tiger,” he murmured

“See the elephant is below the window,” Mala said pointing.

Feeling nervous the Tiger thought, “This human isn’t afraid of a fox. How weird?” 

“The bear is looking at us angrily,” Mala whispered, “now.”

“Wu. Boo.” Raju cries.

“I’m a Tiger. Everyone is scared of me. Stop crying.” saying the Tiger lets out a low roar.

“Now, the bear has turned into a Tiger,” Mala said aware of the tiger.

“Eat this, special puffed rice and fight with the Tiger,” Mala said to Raju loud enough for the Tiger to hear.

The tiger was thinking, “What is puffed rice? Must be a magic potion to fight with the Tiger”?

And suddenly something fell on his back.

“Oh my god, the monster baby is riding on my back,” the tiger said running.

The poor tiger didn’t realize that it wasn’t the puffed rice eaten baby. It was a kitty that slipped from the roof chasing a mouse.


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