The Regret

The man stood and watched. Dressed in a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans, and the hood covering his features, he easily mixed with the crowd. 'Could you shift a bit?' A familiar voice... Danson's Lab (A year back) 'Dr. Murray stood hunched over the microscope. The fifty-something scientist had spent most of his life stooping over the many practicals he dutifully devoted himself to. But this time, something gnawed at his thoughts. 'What would happen if he was unsuccessful?' The present The clock ticked past eight in the morning. Dr. Murray awoke with a start! He was perspiring heavily. 'What was that in the living room? A man stood staring at him. Then he vanished as if in thin air! Jonathan had visited him- his son; from another dimension. Maybe he wanted to express his anger! He was lost! Lost during the experiment! The experiment “IS IT DONE?” Dr. Murray was feeling the heat of the repeated failure. It was the third time Mr. Xi had visited him. The crafty business tycoon was not ready to take a no for an answer.  The time machine had to be built within the set time. But the question was, who was going to be the guinea pig? Mr. Xi wanted a human to be sent to the fourth dimension. One who could record and revert. Murray had signed the agreement in good faith. It was later that it had dawned on him that his own could be called at will, to be part of the experiment; even if it was a life and death matter. Jonathan was the chosen one. There was no other way. The laboratory was a fortress to let in but no way to escape without Mr. Xi watching. Some said, he was with inhuman capabilities and lacked sleep totally. He liked watching over his empire. Nothing could escape his eye. The Revenge Jonathan stood in the park. The children were enjoying the flowers that had sprung along the sidewalk. The warm sunshine seemed to diffuse through the clouds. The man was so near! He was speaking Mandarin over his phone. His body guards were accompanying him. The right hand of Jonathan held on to something resembling a push-button toy. The grandson had noticed it, and out of inquisitiveness, happily ran towards Jonathan. Jonathan was quick! Quicker than any of  the bodyguards. He held on to the child's hands and pressed the button. All of it happened so fast, that Mr. Xi too failed to take note of it. The next day headlines read; 'Mysterious stalker vanishes with a tycoon's grandson!' The Repentance 'Thy shalt not undermine thy neighbors!' The vision flashed before his eyes like lightning! His elderly school teacher had taught. She would scold Xi for being heartless! But Xi remained adamant throughout his life. End determined ruthless means for him. He now had been beaten by one holding a grudge against him. He lost his only grandson; the rightful heir to his business empire. Dr. Murray stared at the crouching Xi. Xi could not sleep a wink!  He cried and raved like a mad man; lunging towards the time machine- the cause of his sorrow. The stocks of his many businesses reached a low! The other businessman tried to cash in during the opportunity. The thing was done! Dr. Murray set to work. He had to find a way to revert the process. There was Jonathan, somewhere in the fourth dimension waiting to come home!  The key to the hold of all the research papers was with Xi himself. As Dr. Murray reached for the key inside Xi's drawer on the side of the table, all he heard was a whimper , like the ones so long residing in the hearts of his and Jonathan. The next day was bright with some early morning showers. Jonathan was sending signals through the looped gateway. A faint blue presence tossing a medallion could be seen in the distance. It was working!  The time was near. In another two hours, the electric vibrations would begin! With bated,heaving breath, Dr. Murray waited. He had his uniform and headgear worn. The process started. The apparition that had so long been following him quietly from a distance would now turn into a beautiful greeting and meeting. One that spanned years, but was worth it! 'Did you find Xi's grandson? ' Jonathan nodded! 'Yes! Unconscious but alive! He’ll come to his senses!'   Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!