The Study of A Local Cafe

The Study of A Local Cafe

Sweet-sour scent of slow-roasted coffee beans (a)
Recessed lighting, softly highlighting (b)
The clamorous cackle of a callow clump of teens, (a)
Who are somehow, always uninviting.  (b)

The bookworm buries herself in a Blake, beside buddies reuniting (b) 
The artist keenly observes his tea infuse,  (c)
The pair of perfect strangers plunge into a passion newly igniting (b)
It hardly seems like the place for reserved milieus. (c)

“Order for Omar”, “oops I dropped my oolong”, “Oh My Gosh, cute shoes!” (c)
A rush order of the popular sandwich-crab tartare and whiting (b)
I spot no sin in spending seconds, spending spirit, “Donne m’en plus” (c)
My muse, as I create art, through word, through writing. (b)
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