The Surprise Adventure

I was on a trip to Egypt in an aeroplane. While sitting by the window, suddenly I saw Elsa driving a car made up of ice in the air. I could not believe my eyes. The car came nearer and nearer and Elsa sprinkled a sparkly powder on my face. I fell asleep, and when I woke up I was inside the ice car along with Elsa.  I shouted, “Are you trying to kidnap me?”  Elsa smiled, “I know you are frightened, but I am not trying to kidnap you. Don’t worry.” I was still surprised, “Where are you taking me?” “I will explain everything to you. Mala is a magician, and he has stolen the idols of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. He will take out power from them.” “What?” I was shocked, “How can he take the power out of the idols? The idols have magical powers inside them. If it goes to evil hands, our world will be destroyed.” Elsa said, “And he has a powerful and dangerous demoness, Mayamaya.” “But, why are you taking me?” Elsa smiled, “Because only you can switch off the machine which takes the power out of the idols.” I was speechless. I felt proud that such a big responsibility was given to me. Sometime later the car parked in a beautiful garden full of beautiful flowers. I heard someone calling, “Anushri! Anushri,” and there came a cartoon character “Choocha.” “How is he here?” Choocha said, “Hi Anushri, I know you watch my show.” They both took me to a huge palace. “This is our Character ki land, Soha” “Oh! Such a funny name.” Every window, door, cupboard, mirror and table was beautifully painted with mandala art. Then we went to a huge room. All my favorite cartoon characters, Little Singam, Maruti, Oggy, and Fukrey boys were present. Everyone folded hands and bowed down to Maruti, “Jai Hanuman!” Maruti said, “We have to stop Mayamaya and Mala.” Little Singham said, “Ha! It is very easy for me.” Maruti said, “Let’s see. Board on your vehicles and start your adventure to Mala’s place.” Elsa came running “Maruti, Anushri does not have any vehicle.” “Thank you for reminding me, I have a special vehicle for Anushri” Maruti closed his eyes and immediately a red and blue superfast bike stood in front of us. I sat on the bike and I saw a green button on it. I pressed it, and the bike skyrocketed to the sky.  While riding our vehicles in the sky, we saw a black and blue palace.  Elsa pointed, “Look, that is Mala’s palace.” I was ready to save the world from a huge disaster.  Maruti exclaimed, “Guards are coming, hide behind the rock. We have to be carefull.” There were two serpents with weapons. The first serpent said, “I can hear something from that wall.” The second serpent said, “ Oh sirrrrrrrrrr, it’s nothing” and they went away. We entered the palace. I saw Juggly Joker, Kaala and Kamsa ready with their weapons. Little Singham attacked them, “Pancha attack,” and they disappeared.  Maruti said “Little Singham, now your power is lost. If you defeat your enemies, power will be lost except Anushri’s. Because she is a human being.” Then Elsa defeated her fears and the Earth demon. Fukrey boys defeated Tingu. Oggy defeated the cockroach and Maruti defeated Kumbar and the other demons. Before Maruti defeated his enemies he said to me, “Take this remote. If you press the red button, your bike will come. If you are in trouble just think about me.” My enemies are horror ghosts and dark. I was about to scream but I remembered my dollar necklace with a picture of Maruti. I chanted, “Jai hanuman!” And everything disappeared. A door opened, and the idol of Sriman Narayana was in front of me. Before I could enter the room the demoness came.  “Hey! I am Mayamaya. Run, or I will kill you.” I took out the remote which maruti gave me, and pressed the button. My bike came zooming inside. I knocked Mayamaya and went inside the room. I switched off the machine which was taking the power out of the idols. Mala rushed towards me, “Anushri! How dare you?”  But Maruti and others attacked him and saved me. Maruti thanked me for being a good sport and Elsa sprinkled the same sparkly powder on my face. In an instant, I was again on the plane. And exclaimed aloud, “Hurray! What an interesting adventure!”


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