The Unignorable Message

It was a regular business trip for Mr. Edward, CEO of Zerotronics. He was going to Manchester for a deal with his counterpart in Infinitum, Mr. Hardy. Mr. Edward was waiting at the first-class lounge of the airport. He heard the announcement for boarding. While getting up he saw a slip of paper under his chair. It read ‘Don’t leave’ in big letters. He ignored it thinking it might be for somebody else. He boarded his flight like any other day.  In the middle of the flight, when he accidentally bent down to locate his missing shoe, he found another slip of paper. It read, ‘I told you not to leave’. He looked around alarmed. He was sure someone was stalking him. After alighting from flight, he went straight to the airport taxi.  “Hotel Star Palace”, he told to the driver while inspecting under the seat of the taxi. “Sure Sir.” The taxi was about to start. A black car sped up to the taxi and stopped. Pulling down the black window, a man in black suit and glasses handed the driver a chit of paper and left in full speed. The driver’s expression changed and he turned to Mr. Edward. “Sorry Sir, I can’t take you.” The driver showed Mr. Edward the chit that read ‘Give a ride to this man at your risk.’  Oh! The stalker does not want the deal to happen. It’s time to stalk the stalker,’ Mr. Edward smiled to himself.  He made a clever plan to mislead the stalker. He went inside the airport and bought a business class return ticket. But did not board the flight instead changed to night clothes to look different and took a city bus to an area away from his booked hotel and lodged in a small inn. He reviewed the list of directors in Infinitum.  That’s it.’ He found one of them to be Robin, his previous employee, who was fired for being corrupt. “I swear, I will ruin your flourishing business.” Robin had threatened. Mr. Edward contacted Mr. Hardy and told him about Robin and what all happened since morning. Both of them made a plot to expose the troublemaker. Next day morning it was time for the deal to seal, yet Mr. Edward had not arrived the board room. Mr. Hardy, as if tensed, wiped his forehead with handkerchief and ordered for a voting. The vote was to cancel not only the deal, but also the thriving partnership with Zerotronics. Robin had a sly grin all over his face. Suddenly, the doors opened and Mr Edward barged in. He apologizes for the inconvenience. Mr. Hardy greeted Mr. Edward and commanded his directors, “Ladies and gentlemen, please look under your seats to find a slip of paper and follow as it instructs.” The room got empty very quickly and only Robin was left. On his slip it was written “Don’t leave” in big letters. It was the end of the road for Robin. Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!