The Unrequited Love

Have you ever loved 
With all your heart
And had it broken
Into a zillion pieces
By a single line
Or word of indifference
‘I didn’t see it coming’
‘We’re just good friends’
A clear ‘No”
A confused ‘maybe’ 
Even an emphatic little nod 
Or that subtle right head tilt 
Pretending they perfectly understand
The agony, the ordeal 
The searing pain 
that rips your chest
As they try to balm
Console, soothe, mollify
You with fake promises 
of togetherness
Not in this lifetime,
mind you, but 
maybe in another one…

Have you ever loved
With all your heart
And regretted the choice
Of confiding without confirming
Trusting without testing
Forgiving without forsaking
The heart that did 
a silly flip
The mind that soared
senseless high
Eyes that glazed
pulse that raced
All for a forbidden love
That would never be yours
Not in this lifetime, 
mind you, but 
maybe in another one…


Prinyanka Naik

Priyanka Naik graduated as a doctor of medicine only to realise she was more interested in anecdotes than antidotes. Refusing to limit herself to the secure but predictable cookie cutter version of life, she embarked on a creative journey and has since then been living vicariously through her poetry and fiction. She is the author of the much appreciated novel ‘Twists of fate’ and has to her credit numerous heart warming stories and poems that have received recognition in and beyond the virtual space.

Living the paradoxical life of a hermit in Goa, her friends believe she is a myth they may have conjured in their heads.
Prinyanka Naik

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