The Upside Down Feast

It had been over three days that Ronojoy, was going around for his safaris all over the Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve near Chandrapur. He had very high hopes of sighting the tigress Maya or at least Chota Matka but all his efforts seemed to be futile.

" You have selected the wrong timing sir . The monsoon season has just ended but the animals don't tend to come out in this weather. Please plan a safari during the summer.That is the best time for sighting animals in plenty.

Naresh , the guide who was taking Ronotesh around the Navegeon , Alizanza and Sirkheda gate suggested.

" But what about the pug marks that we spotted on the way in the wet mud. They appeared quite fresh . Maya must have been very close to us . We just missed her for a few seconds,  perhaps Naresh." 

Ronojoy was unable to accept the fact that being so close to Maya he could not see her even once . He smelt something fishy. 

The peppy music was being played in the huge banquet hall of Janapriya Hotel where Abby short for Abhimanyu and Shiv Nathan Ali and Naresh were all assembled to enjoy a lavish feast .

" The skin , bones and teeth of Maya will be auctioned soon. They are all kept in the next room."

Abby announced while savouring the Tandoori chicken. No sooner than they finished the starters and headed to the main course, they were taken aback .Their worst nightmare had come true. As they tried to flee, Inspector Gaytonde from The Crime Branch stormed into the hall.He pointed a pistol on Abby's forehead before declaring 

" You are under arrest Abby , Shiv Nathan Ali and Naresh. We have caught you red handed today."

Their entire feast turned upside down  .On the way to the prison , Ronojoy told Inspector Gaytonde 

"When my water bottle fell under the backseat of the gypsy this morning,I noticed that there was a rifle kept there. This increased my suspicion. With the help of my team I realised that Naresh was partly involved with a poaching team. Ajith,the forest officer told me that Maya was missing from her territory since morning.When I asked him about Naresh . He told me that Naresh is attending a party at the Janapriya Hotel. That is why I called you here immediately."

Inspector Gaytonde thanked Ronojoy and his entire team for he had helped to burst a huge poaching racket.

Although the poachers' feast was ruined that night , the authorities learnt to be more strict towards employing new guides, protect the endangered wild animals and punish illegal poachers  severely.©


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