The Viper’s Chivalry

Priya Nayak-Gole posted under Flash Fiction QuinTale-49 on 2023-02-14

Disclaimer: Adult content. Readers' discretion is advised. The moon was yet to shake off its slumber but the grandeur on the lawns of the Taj resplendent in its generous lighting made up for it. While the bubbly flew unhindered, laughter concocted with loud talk increased proportionately as the liquor unlocked the doors to their deepest secrets.   Dressed in a figure-hugging burgundy Manish Malhotra ensemble, Kamini Sehgal resembled a wine goblet shimmering under the bright lights. Her Louis Vuitton purse, costlier than her outfit was eclipsed by her diamonds. They sparkled like the dark sky sequined by the glittering stars… near, yet far.  I was in the ambush foraging mode preceded by weeks of hard-work. I couldn’t wait to dig-in my proverbial fangs, serious and potentially lethal. Kamini’s calculative orbs met my fierce ones as I stared combatively, unabashedly. I knew she loved crude despite her outer sham of glitz and poise. She strutted her way towards me even as I ducked into the dark corner under the canopy, uncovered by CCTV. Coming closer she grabbed my coat lapels. “What do you have for me handsome?” She purred. I loved the wait. Without answering, I dragged her along to my rental parked in another surreptitious corner and soon we zoomed towards the cottage I had booked for the night. As soon as we reached the cottage, she clung to me like I was her elixir of life itself. I carried her on my shoulders, straight into the bedroom prepared for our rendezvous. Dropping her on the bed I took my time to take off my clothes and stood full-mast in my boxers. Her passion laden eyes gleamed with lust as she stared at my muscular package.  “Like what you ssssee?” I hissed as she licked her lips. I tore of her gown while she widened her eyes but the dim lights with the aphrodisiac air freshener got her back into the moment. I only left her jewellery on her… worth over a crore. Tying her hands to the bedpost using the parts of her outfit, I gently nipped at her lips, and swiftly moved away while her breathing raged.  I sprinkled a generous amount of body oil over her even as she gasped. Hovering above her I gently covered her svelte body with mine as I spread the oil with my soft sensual wiggling. She chuckled and swore as her senses ignited. Unboxing my manhood I covered it with the latex and slid into her welcoming warmth effortlessly.  She barely lasted as she screamed her release and before she came down from the pinnacle of her ecstasy, I took her to new heights all over again.  Soon she was exhausted and sleep claimed her intoxicated mind. I slid down her body and gently slipped out the jewellery.  Dressing-up quickly and with one last look at my latest target, I scarpered into the darkness.  The next day the headlines flashed across newspapers- Viper strikes again… Unnamed socialite latest prey… I chuckled. It was time to shed my scales… again.   Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!