Threads of Time

In the tender dawn of youth, so bright and pure, We danced in the arms of love, so safe and sure.  Siblings' laughter, a symphony so sweet,  In parents' gaze, where heartbeats meet.  Those fleeting days, a tapestry of bliss, Woven with the threads of each gentle kiss. ~ As time's relentless march whispers of change ~ With time's passage, life rearranged,  Paths diverged, and hearts estranged.  Adulthood's burdens, heavy and cold, Fractured the bonds of the family fold.  Echoes of warmth turned to silent yearns,  As life's harsh lessons each soul learns. ~ In the twilight of years, echoes of the past resound ~ In twilight's embrace, where solitude reigns, Memories flicker like distant candle flames.  Longing for laughter, for touch, for care, In the quiet, feeling the weight of empty air.  The heart whispers of a time lost to the ages,  In the silent theater of life's vast stages. *** Note: This poem is my effort on penning down a contemplative journey through human's life, depicting the shifting dynamics of family relationships as time progresses. It serves as a universal reminder to all of us to value and hold onto the fleeting moments and connections that shape our lives.     Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!