Time Draws its Vision of Me

Time Draws its Vision of Me

Time draws its vision of me
Without my consent and
Then laughs to see me catch his handywork in the mirror.

Change breezes into my life
And expects me to acquiesce,
Then before I know it the old familiar leaves are gone.

The  years flow like a carving stream
That etches  my modest story in the earth,
Then  sighing, meanders into the ocean to lose itself there.

Emotions and attachments 
Rub their earnest, teasing  fragrances on my  soul,
Then evaporate , carrying away the traces of yesterday.

Passions of the beating heart
Assure of never ending amusements ,
Then like sunsets in the dying sky wrap up the magic too soon.

Tall grasses lisp their tune in the wind
And  buoyant songbirds perch awhile,
Then fly off to the mountains or lie down and die at season’s end. 
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