To ‘Bear’ the Bear

 To ‘Bear’ the Bear

I am a little, snowy bear,
Custard is my name.
This is my master
Who is old and lame.
When I see a stranger,
I growl in a feeble voice
To not disturb my dear master
Who gets upset in a trice.

I am a special, trusted bear, 
Yes, it’s very true,
I once scared a snooping thief 
Who appeared out of the blue!
But there’s a special someone
Who makes me blush all pink
I love her more than my master,
But he doesn’t mind my little fling!

To see him once, came his little sister,
For whom I don’t much care,
She spread the word around the neighbourhood,
That her brother had to ‘bear’ with a bear!

It was a happy scene!
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