True Promise

True Promise

In the girl’s keen eyes a daily ritual 
Her grandmother, devoted, gathered flowers for prayers
Beside her, the girl joined in understanding the sacred feelings.

With joy, petals were plucked, love infused in every bloom
Years passed akin to a river  the shared act never ceased
A bond nurtured by blossoms, beyond time’s tethers.

Illness struck her grandmother, a tender touch
Still, the girl plucked, her heart a fragrant tether
Her devotion remained, an offering to appease.

Amid fading health, her promise held strong together
“I’ll present God flowers each day as your proxy
A pledge unwavering, through all that comes.

Then arrived the day her grandmother became celestial
In tender hands, flowers gathered once more
At the funeral pyre, petals shed for her reverie.

A promise whispered, a connection to restore
“I’ll keep offering flowers, no matter where I am
Your spirit held dear, for all eternity.
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