Under The Mistletoe

Latha Prakash posted under Flash Fiction QuinTale-47 on 2022-12-12

Tears rolled in her lustrous eyes. Tony lifted her chin with his index finger and whispered, "I'm not alone. We are in this together. Your love for me will act as a guiding light and keep me safe." He kissed her on her forehead and left. She waved at him until he appeared tiny as a speck and finally disappeared. Days passed. Seasons changed. The brutal war continued. She found solace in the letters he had written during the first year. His emotions woven as words kept the faith in her alive. Menacing thoughts shrouded her mind as news about the bloodshed filled the air. The hope that she would feel his warmth against her skin again acted as a panacea. A few years later. Globules of snow drifted and landed on the ground forming a white blanket. She inserted the hands inside the woollen preserver and walked to the Smith household. A Christmas tree was situated in the centre. The house exuded a fragrance of happiness for the first time in years. Her eyes searched for him. A frail figure was swarmed by a group of enthusiastic well-wishers. She stood still and absorbed his changed features. The eyes that once twinkled had lost their sheen. His arm was wrapped in a bandage. A deep scar ran across his face. Her legs trembled and a dull ache trickled down her spine. "Look who's here," his mother announced. He lifted his gaze. Their eyes met. He propelled his wheelchair towards her. She knelt on the floor and held his hands. "Amy, I didn't think I would see you again," he spoke incoherently. Unbridled tears coursed down her cheeks and dribbled down her chin. She crashed on his chest and felt his heart thump against the box of bones. He gently ran his fingers through her hair. They remained entwined for what seemed like an eternity. Their intimacy alleviated the pain they endured. A few minutes later, she dove her hands into the pocket and reached for a velvet box. She held the ring in her hand and professed her love, "The ring and I have been waiting for you. Will you give me the honour of sharing my life with you?" He diverted his gaze and concealed his tears. He felt like someone was strangulating him. "I'm broken. These visible injuries will heal with time. But my traumatized soul will haunt me forever. You deserve better," his words echoed in the darkness of the night. "I will love you with all the broken pieces. My love will act as an antidote and invigorate your soul. We are in this together," her words steered clear of the hesitancy. The wet shine on his cheeks glowed under the fairy lights. "Yes,' his mutter was followed by a proclamation. The ring found its way onto his finger. Their fluttering lips met. Their intense longing found respite under the mistletoe as they became one. Tears rolled in her lustrous eyes. Penmancy gets a small share of every purchase you make through these links, and every little helps us continue bringing you the reads you love!