Far away, in a land where the gay winds tickle and tease
There, in that place serene, my soul found ease,
That enchanting realm was adorned with motley hues 
Where I unraveled myself, inspired by nature, my muse.

As the meadows embraced the warmth of dawn 
I shed the mask and helped myself to be reborn,
That mystic land was a sanctuary divine
It helped me to rediscover myself, and shine.

I broke free of the shackles of disguise
Shedding the load of shame and fear, I did rise,
Once I discovered my identity anew
A sense of freedom within me, grew.

With love as my guide, I ventured forth
For, I finally understood my worth,
The elements of nature were a blessing
They made my self-discovery journey, fascinating.

So here’s my ode to the place charming
That filled my heart with the colours of spring,
As I bid that pious terrain goodbye
A rainbow appeared, as if to glorify.


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One thought on “Unravel

  1. Excellent 👌👌 The ode captures the bittersweet farewell, painting vivid scenes of nostalgia. A powerful tribute to a cherished place. 🙏

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