Unrequited love – A wish that never came true!

Unrequited love – A wish that never came true!

I wish you would have accepted my rose.. 
My plummeting fortune would have rose..

I wish you liked the picturesque scene.. 
You turned your back, asked me not to be seen.. 

I wish that you could sense my heart beat.. 
Not a battle so big that I couldn’t beat.. 

If only you wouldn’t have acted so mean.. 
But felt my emotions, what did I mean.. 

In your love, I always wanted to soar..
With dejection, my naive soul felt sore..

Your refusal turned me weak.. 
Grievous dreams visits me every week.. 

You would never come back to me, I know..
My mind echoes with your resounding No…

Although your rejection cost me dear. .
I am unable to let go, Oh dear!
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