What You Lost

What You Lost

Have you ever sat down alone on your old home’s floor
Gazing reminiscently into the empty walls around
Wishing the past would walk in right through the door
And this deafening silence would fill with love and sound

Have you ever dusted away those old squeaky toys
Whose funny noises once echoed through your home
Rediscover the almirahs where you hid with other boys
Walk again in the flowery gardens you once used to roam

Have you ever flipped through the thumbed pages of the book
Within which you hid the roses she gave one valentine
Rustled through the worn out photos of her that you took
In the days when all you had was love without a penny or a dime

And today when you stand all alone in this emptiness
Shoulders weighed down by all the glories you have earned
You realise all along you were just chasing an illusion of happiness
It was that lost childhood for which your heart always yearned

Sparsh Verma
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One thought on “What You Lost

  1. An exquisite poem, almost lyrical in every line. It personifies the innocence of childhood and it brings back the memories of those days trying to pose a question about life’s true meaning. Though the lack of punctuation marks did not hinder the poem’s message, it would have been more effective if a question mark is added to the lines where it calls for its usage. Overall, the choice of using easy to understand words makes this poem a memorable one. Keep penning for more.

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