When I am Seventy-two

When I am Seventy-two

Oh, a lot of siblings, loving parents, friends
more love, affection and camaraderie than material comforts
Childhood passed off with all play and no work
School was fun and as light as the schoolbag then!

Early adulthood was serious studies and research in science
Like Newton’s child admiring pebbles and colored sands 
Even as the vast ocean of knowledge lay uncovered
A little light flashing now and then stimulating the brain.

Career and family did quickly follow in tandem
Forever tirelessly in search of the holy grail
Little time to let the hair down and smell roses
Ah, middle age did pass at lightning speed.

Growing older and necessarily wiser bring disciples to mentor
A lot of hand-holding and unscrambling of confused intellects
At a leisurely pace, many a thing was accomplished
Retirement beckoned with a promise of rest and relaxation.

Man only proposes but the progeny finally disposes
I am stuck with the financial and asset management
Value-adding to portfolios, stocks and shares, land deals and wealth building
“Oh, my dear old man, you can handle it!”


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