Where’s the Party Tonight?

It had to be perfect. After all it was not every day that they got an opportunity to party till the wee hours of the night. The business of managing the world kept them very busy and their wives too had important jobs. The get-together was once in a blue moon affair and hence imperative that it be perfect and this was the topic of discussion. “I want a beach party; I want to feel the sand under my toes, a zephyr on my face. I live on Kailaash and I am tired of the cold,” said Shiv. “Absolutely not. I live in the ocean and am tired of the beach, lets to go a mountain retreat and party. I want to breathe in the cool, crisp mountain air.” Vishnu said looking pointedly at Shiv.    Poor Brahma’s head was going back-and-forth between the two. “Perhaps we can go to…..” he trailed off as he realized that neither of them was paying any attention to him. He tried again. “Maybe we can go to places like Ibiza, Amsterdam or even Las Vegas.” He said wistfully. Even as he was finishing the sentence, a whimsical smile spread on his face at the thought of partying in these cities and enjoying its various attractions. At the same instance Goddess Parvati and Laxmi popped in, as if they had been eavesdropping on the conversation and waiting for the right moment to jump in and offer their advice. “No! I am not going to those places. One is no better than the other. They are all earthly cities with earthly experiences. I want something truly extraordinary.” They replied almost in unison; thus shooting down Brahma’s idea and bursting his bubble of happiness. Amidst all the bickering came Devlok’s live correspondent Narad. “My Lords, please desist from all this squabbling. It is causing mild tremors on earth and people are fearing earthquakes and tsunamis. Tell me what is the problem, I will solve it.” He offered. Shiv said, “Narad, all of us want to party and we want it to be unforgettable. You know we rarely get an opportunity to do this.” He then went on to explain the whole situation. After listening carefully Narad said, “That’s it? That’s the entire problem? Don’t worry. I will take care of it.” Then saying, “Narayan, Narayan” he vanished. Narad went to Vishwakarma and said, “You need to bring your considerable experience and expertise to design this venue. It has to be something which has never been seen before.” Considering the enormity of the task, both dedicated themselves to it immediately.   On the day of the party, Vishnu summoned Narad and said, “So Narad, where’s the party tonight?” Narad smiled.  With a twinkle in his eyes, he gave a cryptic reply, “Just follow the lights, My Lord. They will lead you to the venue.” True to his word, it was a celestial soiree like none other, magical, mystical and those disco lights……… Those aurora streamers… The aurora borealis.


Glossary Kailaash mountain – Shiv’s abode Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh/Shiv – Holy Trinity of Hindu religion Vishwakarma - the architect, divine engineer Pranayama – breathing exercises Devlok – where Gods’ reside Narad - is a Vedic sage, famous in Hindu traditions as a traveling musician and storyteller, who carries news and enlightening wisdom. Narayan, Narayan – Narad’s pet phrase (Narayan is another name for Vishnu) _ For more of such content follow us on Social Media: