Who Sets The Rules?

Who Sets The Rules?

There she was! The sunshine Arka. True to her name, she spread happiness with her dimpled cheeks and chuckles. And today she looked radiant in her yellow dress. Her best friend and partner in crime Aayudh was looking at her in pure admiration. But her infectious smile was missing in action.

“What is the matter Arka?”

“I don’t understand what is wrong with my colour. This morning, my mother’s happiness of dressing me in yellow was short-lived when Grandma criticized her for the selection. What followed did not sound quite pleasant. Apparently, I should be wearing only a few colours as per my skin tone. I wonder is it something that we could opt for when we come into this world?”

“I have no clue.”

The next moment Arka dropped a big car she was playing with.

“I was nervous at her sight and thought she was coming to take this away.”

“No, the daycare teacher just came to check us. She must be wondering about our constant babbling”, he winked.

“I am bored of the same dolls and toys. I also wish for nice, fancy cars and robots. Every time, we go to aisle with cars in the toys store, I scream with excitement at the top of my voice but my Mom takes it otherwise and hands me a rattle instead.”

While she was ranting, she noticed Aayudh looking in the other direction.

“How I wish I had a pink sweater like Dev. I am so bored of wearing different shades of blue and green.”

“Probably once we start speaking the human language, we can put up our preferences”, consoled Arka.

Little did they know that this was just the beginning. The two toddlers crawled towards the teacher for circle time upon hearing the bell.


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