Nina, Ruhi, Rehaan and Riya were playing in the park. 

“Mom is bringing a pup today, I am so happy!” giggled Nina.

“Really? Is she furry? Can we come and see her?” Rehaan was curious.

“My mom won’t allow one, she doesn’t like pets,” Ruhi sulked.

Rehaan: “I went for farm visit last Saturday. There were pigs, cows, cats and dogs. The rabbits were so soft, I held one and he jumped. There were baby hens too, I loved them. Can’t we keep them as pets? They can live in the balcony, near the plants.”

Nina: “But we eat them, they are not pets.” 

Rehaan: “Why? They are so beautiful and cute. Why do we eat them and not puppies?”

Nina: “Because puppies..umm they can’t be eaten. They are like our family. Chicken is tasty.”

Riya: “Fish is a pet and we eat it too? Why not a puppy?”

Nina: “I don’t know. Dogs and cats are like us, we don’t eat them. But we eat other animals.” 

Ruhi: “Isn’t it cruel? Imagine someone takes your puppy someday and kills him for taste? Won’t you feel sad?” 

Nina: “Yes, I will.”

Ruhi: “You know last year I went to my grandma’s village. There I befriended a baby goat, she looked so innocent and like a real baby, she would chase me around the yard. After a week, I found someone had killed her and prepared a feast. I cried a lot and since then I don’t eat any animal. Everytime I see chicken on the plate, I feel it is her.” Ruhi was sobbing.

“Yes, we should not kill any animal to satisfy our taste or pleasure, they are like us and our family members. It’s cruel.” Children agreed and decided to talk to their parents.


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One thought on “Why?

  1. In a few words you’ve managed to convey an important message. With proper parenting, children can grow into rational adults, being able to differentiate right and wrong. Like your story, there are already children who question many things including the difference and similarities between pets and animals that people eat. In fact, many children now know the true meaning of kindness and compassion. People think they are animal lovers because they like dogs or cats or rabbits but eat chicken, lamb, goat, fish, etc. This story deserves a recognition. But based on the rating, I don’t think this doesn’t appeal to many because it hammers their beliefs and lifestyle.

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